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1) Fancy shedding a few extra pounds without sweating it out in the gym, it's time you tried the magnetic toe rings

2) Lose weight without exercise

3) Based on ancient Chinese medicine, these rings stimulate the acupressure points on your big toe (and, for extra benefit, the second toe), thus curbing your appetite in a safe and natural way

4) Made from soft & non-allergenic silicone materials

5) Two powerful magnets on each ring provides a magnetic field of 1100 gauss to stimulate acupoints in your feet

6) At the same time, the rings make you use your abdominal and femoral muscles more effectively, thus enhancing your physical fitness even more

7) What else do the Magnetic Rings Do?

- Increase your metabolism - thus helping with weight loss

- Massage the foot

- Improve blood circulation

8) The rings are soft and comfortable to wear and are virtually invisible

9) Diameter of the ring: 2.5cm

10) Color: translucent white

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